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John Davis is proud to have been presented with the North American Sundial Society’s Sawyer Dialing Prize for 2009. The citation was:

In recognition of the superb quality of the dials he has created, and in appreciation of his historical research to enhance our knowledge of the dialists who preceded us and the craft they left us.

sawyer dialing prize 2009The trophy, a specialised glass windowsill dial, was made by Jim Tallman of www.artisanindustrials.com.

I am also pleased to have manufactured the dial with which Heiner Thiessen won the heiner-thiessen-globe-dialAmateur Prize in the 2005 British Sundial Society Sundial Design Competition.

I have published numerous articles on sundials (sometimes in collaboration with other authors), presented papers at conferences and given talks to various groups and societies. A list of articles from the British Sundial Society Bulletin, the North American Society Compendium and the Scientific Instrument Society Bulletin is shown here and some are available for download below (Adobe Reader pdf format).




Articles  pdf


J. Davis: ‘The Restoration of a Horizontal Dial by Henry Sutton’, BSS Bull., 29(i), (forthcoming, March 2017).

J. Davis: ‘A Royal English Medieval Astrolabe Made for Use in Northern Italy’, J. History Astronomy (forthcoming, Feb 2017).

J. Davis: ‘Joshua Springer of Bristol – An eighteenth-century provincial dialmaker’, BSS Bull., 28(iv), 12–16 (Dec 2016).

J. Davis: ‘Sundials by the Davis Dynasty’ BSS Bull., 28(iii), 2–6 (Sept 2016). Download

J. Davis: ‘A Mystery Welsh Horizontal Dial’ BSS Bull., 28(ii), 2–6 (June 2016). Download

J. Davis: ‘An Early English Horizontal Dial’ BSS Bull., 28(ii), 26–28 (June 2016).

T. Grosserberger, A. Freundlich & J. Davis: ‘Kitchener’s Sundial in Palestine’ BSS Bull., 28(i), 13–16 (March 2016).

J. Davis: ‘An Unrecorded Transitional Mass Dial at Bixley, Norfolk’ BSS Bull., 28(i), 21–25 (March 2016). Download

J. Davis: ‘A Disregarded Seventeenth-Century Horizontal Dial From Scotland’ BSS Bull., 27(iv), 35–37 (Dec 2015).

J. Davis: ‘Early Tudor Dials’ BSS Bull., 27(iii), Readers’ Letters, 47 (Sept 2015).

J. Davis and M. Lowne: ‘An Early English Astrolabe at Gonville & Caius College, Cambridge, and Walter of Elveden’s Kalendarium’. J. History Astronomy, 46(3), 257–290, (August 2015). DOI: 10.1177/0021828615590336.

J. Davis: ‘The Chetwode Quadrant – a medieval unequal-hour instrument’ BSS Bull., 27(ii), 2–6 (June 2015). Download

J. Davis: ‘Manchester Railway Dial’, BSS Bull., 26(iii), 39 (Sept 2014).

J. Davis: ‘A Decorative Tile Dial’, BSS Bull., 26(ii), 7 (June 2014).

K. Karney and J. Davis: ‘Lewis Carroll’s Sundial’, BSS Bull., 26(ii), 21 (June 2014).

J. Davis: ‘Engraved Decoration on English Horizontal Dials’, BSS Bull., 26(ii), 48–54 (June 2014). Download

J. Davis: ‘The Zutphen Quadrant – a very early equal-hour instrument excavated in The Netherlands’, BSS Bull., 26(i), 36–42 (March 2014). Download

J. Davis: ‘A Dial by George Bradford’, BSS Bull., 25(iv), 7 (Dec 2013).

J. Davis: ‘An Edwin Russell Designed Horizontal Dial’, BSS Bull., 25(iv), 14 (Dec 2013).

J. Davis: ‘A Missing Stained Glass Dial Located’, BSS Bull., 25(iv), 27 (Dec 2013).

M. Lowne & J. Davis: ‘Planetary Hours’, BSS Bull., 25(iii), 40–48 (Sept 2013). Download

J. Davis: ‘Noon Overlaps and Overhanging Gnomons’, BSS Bull., 25(iii), 12 (Sept 2013).

J. Davis & D Harber: ‘A New Dial for St George’s Chapel, Windsor Castle’, BSS Bull., 25(ii), 14–17 (Jun 2013).

J. Davis: ‘William Cuningham’s Cosmographical Glasse’, BSS Bull., 25(ii), 8–10 (Jun 2013).

J. Davis: ‘A Holographic Sundial’, BSS Bull., 25(i), 48 (Mar 2013).

J. Davis: ‘Thomas Boleyn’s Slate Sundial’, BSS Bull., 25(i), 45 (Mar 2013).

J. Davis: ‘A 12th-century Manuscript Indian Circle Diagram’, BSS Bull., 25(i), 29 (Mar 2013).

J. Davis: ‘A Palimpsest Gnomon’, BSS Bull., 25(i), 28–29 (Mar 2013).

J. Davis: ‘Helical Sundials’, BSS Bull., 24(iv), 41 (Dec 2012).

J. Davis: ‘An Excavated Lead Sundial’, BSS Bull., 24(iv), 18–20 (Dec 2012). Download

J. Davis & J. Bonin: ‘Early 19th-century English Drawings of Greek Dials’, BSS Bull., 24(iii), 43–44 (Sept 2012).

J. Davis: ‘Holbein’s Cylinder Dial’, BSS Bull., 24(iii), 40 (Sept 2012).

J. Davis: ‘Lost Bonar Dial Resurfaces – Briefly!’, BSS Bull., 24(iii), 22 (Sept 2012).

M. Lowne & J. Davis: ‘The Stereographic Projection and Quadrant by Henry Sutton’, BSS Bull., 24(iii), 8–15 (Sept 2012).

H.v.d. Wijk & J. Davis: ‘A Dutch Manuscript Showing Polyhedral Dials’, BSS Bull., 24(iii), 23–26 (Sept 2012). Download

J. Davis & C. Mason: ‘A Medieval Equinoctial Dial Excavated at St James’s Priory, Bristol’, BSS Bull., 24(iii), 36–40 (Sept 2012). Download

J. Davis: ‘A Very Early Description of a Horizontal Dial in English’, BSS Bull., 24(ii), 12–15  (Jun 2012). Download

J. Davis: ‘An Unrecorded Stained Glass Dial’, BSS Bull., 24(i), 17 (Mar 2012).

J. Davis: ‘Addendum to Robert Stikford’s De Umbris Versis et Extensis’, BSS Bull., 24(i), 1 (Mar 2012).

J. Davis: ‘A Portable Horologium’, BSS Bull., 24(i), 18-22 (Mar 2012). Download

J. Davis: ‘Robert Stikford’s “De Umbris Versis et Extensis”’, BSS Bull., 23(iv), 24-28 (Dec 2011). Download

J. Davis: ‘A Medieval Gunter’s Quadrant?’, BSS Bull., 23(iii), 2-7 (Sept 2011). Download

M. Lowne & J. Davis: ‘A Horizontal Quadrant of 1658 by Henry Sutton; Part 2’, BSS Bull., 23(iii) 45-48 (Sep 2011).

M. Lowne & J. Davis: ‘A Horizontal Quadrant of 1658 by Henry Sutton; Part 1’, BSS Bull., 23(ii) 8-13 (Jun 2011).

M. Lowne & J. Davis: ‘A Universal Altitude Dial by John Marke’, BSS Bulletin 21(iii), 2–8  (September 2009). Download

J. Davis: ‘Satellite Dish Sundial’, BSS Bulletin, 21(iv), 37, (Dec 2009).

J. Davis: ‘Robert Cutbush – a provincial dialmaker, BSS Bulletin, 21(iv), 20-22, (Dec 2009).

J. Davis: ‘Hans Holbein’s Design for a Clocksalt’, BSS Bulletin, 21(iii), 45, (Sept 2009).

J. Davis & C. Daniel: ‘John Seller – Instrument maker and plagiarist’, Bull. Scientific Instrument Society, 102, pp.6-10, (Sept 2009). Download

J. Davis: ‘The “Lost” Barrington Stained Glass Dial Rediscovered’, BSS Bulletin, 21(ii), p.12, (June 2009).

J. Davis: ‘The Double Horizontal Dial—Then and Now; at the OxfordMuseum of the History of Science’,  BSS Bulletin, 21(ii), p.11, (June 2009)

J. Davis: ‘An Unusual Equation of Time Display’, BSS Bulletin, 21(i), p.31, (March 2009).

N. Severino and J. Davis: ‘A Puzzle at Ravello, Italy’, BSS Bulletin, 20(iv), pp.199-200, (December 2008).

J. Davis: ‘A Triple Horizontal Dial for California’. NASS Compendium, 15(4), pp.11-21, (December 2008). Download

J. Davis: ‘John Marke’s Double Horizontal Dials’, BSS Bulletin, 20(iii), pp.117-118, (September 2008).

J. Davis: ‘Charles Darwin’s Sundial’, BSS Bulletin, 20(ii), pp.64-67, (June 2008).

J. Davis: ‘Pat Briggs’ Meccano Models’, BSS Bulletin, 20(i), pp.43-45, (March 2008).

J. Davis: ‘John Rowell: Plumber and Stained Glass Dial Maker’, BSS Bulletin, 19(iv), pp.179-183, (December 2007).

M. Lowne & J. Davis: ‘Lines of Declination and Two Seventeenth Century Dials’,  BSS Bull, 19(iii), pp.128-134, (June 2007). Download

J. Davis, T.M. Brown & I. Brightmer: ‘Brass or Bronze?’, BSS Bulletin, 19(ii), pp.50-55, (June 2007).

J. Davis: ‘Extract from Joseph Moxon’s “Mechanick Exercises” ’, BSS Bulletin, 19(i), p.27, (March 2007).

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J. Davis: ‘More on the Equation of Time on Sundials’, BSS Bulletin, 17(ii), pp. 66-75, (June 2005).

J. Davis: ‘A Just Punishment?’, BSS Bulletin, 17(ii), p. 65, (June 2005).

J. Davis: ‘Sir Isaac Newton Sundial Unveiled at LeicesterUniversity”, BSS Bulletin, 17(i), pp. 34-35, (March 2005).

J. Davis: ‘A Horizontal Dial for Montana’, NASS Compendium, 12(1), pp. 25-28, (March 2005).

J. Davis: ‘William Molyneux’s Sciothericum Telescopicum’, Bull SIS, 83, pp. 19-22, (Dec. 2004).J. Davis: ‘Thomas Wright’s horizontal sundials’, BSS Bulletin, 16(iv), pp. 135-143, (Dec. 2004).

J. Davis: ‘Sundial restoration at Houghton Hall – a study in patience’, BSS Bulletin, 16(iii), pp. 96-99, (Sept. 2004).

J. Davis, M.J. Harley & H. James: ‘Joseph McNally’s slate sundials’, BSS Bulletin, 16(iii), pp. 110-116, (Sept. 2004). Download

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J. Davis: ‘The Psion organizer – the diallists’ friend’,  NASS Compendium

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J. Davis & M. Lowne: The Double Horizontal Dial – and associated instruments, BSS Monograph No. 5. BSS, London (2009), ISBN 978-0-9558872-1-5.

J. Davis (Ed.):  BSS Sundial Glossary – a sourcebook of dialling data,  Second edition,  BSS Publications, (2004).