Gallery – Restorations

Restoration of a Pilikington and Gibbs heliochronometer from New Zealand.
Two Irish slate dials from the early 19th century, re-gnomoned and restored.
Three re-gnomoned dials.
A rare Sol Horometer by Pilkington & Gibbs, dating from around 1918.
Restoration of an early 17th century boxwood Gunter’s Quadrant.
A new gnomon fitted to the 1734 stained glass dial at Purley Hall, Berks.
Restoration of an Irish slate dial made in 1829.
A replacement gnomon for an 18th century double horizontal.
A set of replacement bronze gnomons for an 1834 slate multiple dial.
A set of replacement gnomons for a 19th century slate dial by Richard Melville.
A replacement gnomon for an Irish slate horizontal dial.
Restoration of a 19th century dial made for the latitude of Jamaica.